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Why are Dublin residents protesting about School Overcrowding ?

June 22, 2017

Dubliners UNITED

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Dublin schools are overcrowded today and will be overcrowded for years to come – we need to recognize this and act accordingly. The state school funding mechanism was designed so that developers and the state fully fund new school construction. This mechanism is not working and has lead to massive community debt. As a result, Dubliners have approved multiple bond Measures (C, E, H) which require repayments greater than $1 billion. Every Dublin homeowner pays substantially higher property taxes to repay this debt and these taxes are indirectly passed on to renters in the form of higher rent. Despite this massive debt, we continue to lack resources to fully fund the school facility “needs” leading to a perpetual state of overcrowding.  Accordingly, we must be razor focused on properly prioritizing and sequencing every facility investment dollar.

We believe the top priorities of Measure H approved

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